This Has Got to Be the World’s Most Extreme Zipline

It can’t be expressed enough: the Dot Com lifestyle allows you the time to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Like considering existential moments.

And there aren’t many more effective ways to do that than ziplining.


If you’ve already gotten over the sensation of regular ride, then it’s time to seek out the special ones.

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Like what its promoters call the world’s fastest zipline, promising speeds of up to 100mph over an old slate mine:

Or getting a 2200ft-long view of Niagara Falls:


For stunning scenery, it’s hard to top what’s on offer at Whistler, BC:

However, if mega-thrills are the goal, head to Nepal.

Amidst the world’s highest peaks nestles the world’s most extreme zipline.

That’s where you’ll find the ZipFlyer:

  • It’s one of the world’s steepest, tallest and longest ziplines,
  • It has a vertical drop of 600 meters, and
  • It reaches a top speed of up to 140 kmh/86mph.

If your life is going to go zipping by, be in a position to enjoy it!

Better Life Franchise 728x90

Kjell Sherman, Manager – The Norra Ljusen Trust

Norra Ljusen — pronounced norra YOU-sun — is Swedish for Northern Lights.  My name, Kjell, is pronounced shell to English speakers.

You can view a short video about how I entered the exciting world of online entrepreneurship on the home page of our Better Life Focus site. It’s dedicated to motivated marketers and provides trending Dot Com news, information, and entertainment for motivated entrepreneurs who commit to take action in their quest to reclaim their time by becoming and remaining financially independent via e-commerce.

If you’re committed to online success, we’d like to welcome you to the Dot Com lifestyle!


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