Losing Weight Starts Not With A Diet

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You have decided that you are now really going to lose weight. You have everything sorted out. Fitness, diet, shakes the best. But you are forgetting yourself. The biggest motivation to lose weight

Losing Weight Starts Not With A Diet

How many times have you tried?

How many times and how many diets have you tried? And why didn’t continue? Why went you ever again in your old behavior? While you still want to?

You want your children proud of you? You want your children to see, how you proud of yourself? You want things they are going to do that now not work. You want your health risks.


The first question that you, yourself must go, WHY, why do you want to lose weight? Is it for yourself? Is it because another wants it? Ashamed, for yourself? The mirror is your enemy? The scale, your enemy?

Think about the WHY.

And why can it still not, what are your obstacles? what’s stopping you? What pitfalls are there? and WHY?

Let your past loss

What you’re against love are things of the past. Things that you have made. Things that are said. Things that you have hurt. All that old very sneak through you. And that gives you, your goals not reached. If you have a goal. And you want to achieve. Hang somewhere a piece of paper with your WHY. And before you go to bed you can read this and wake up to. It gives you new insights and let the lines of the past fade, they never go completely away, where you will replace them.

Losing Weight Starts Not With A Diet

Let this be your first goal, with another going to be involved.



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