Top 4 useful tips to lose weight effectively

Are you trying to lose weight and finding it difficult to achieve the ideal results? Everyone knows the basic formula when it comes to weight loss: eat less, do more. However, it does not actually work for many people because exercising in many hours make them even hungrier and eat more. As a result, they waste a lot of their precious time and willpower, then end up in obesity. So if you are trying to reduce a few pounds, these useful tips will show you how to lose weight quickly and effectively.

1. Write down your plan

Those people who often write down everything they eat every day, particularly those who write down while they are eating, can lose weight much faster and keep it for a long period. Thus, start tracking your daily meal on a paper or some free app when there are some signs of weight increase. It will allow you to stay accountable for what you have taken in. In addition, you could easily find out something in your daily diet that would be improved when it is written in front of your eyes.

2. Have a full breakfast

Every meal in a day are essential, but it is certainly breakfast that helps you start a new day with full energy. A good breakfast should fill you up and keep you satisfied to stave off any craving later during the day. It is recommended to take in anywhere from 400 to 500 calories for your breakfast and make sure to include a source of filling fat (nut butter, Greek yogurt, beans, eggs), lean protein, and fiber (whole grains, fruit, veggies).

3. Drink coffee or tea

After a breakfast, it is ideal to start your new day with a small cup of coffee, about 400mg each day. Because caffeine is basically a natural diuretic and rich source of antioxidants, it can provide full protection to your cells from major damage while trying to lose belly fat.
Tea is another choice if you are not a fan of coffee as it is also naturally diuretic. In fact, drinking herbal teas such as fennel root and dandelion can burn more than 70 percent of your calories.

4. Sleep enough

This might sound quite funny, but sleep deprivation is also a common reason of obesity. There are a lot of studies and research proving that sleeping less than the desired amount (8 hours) each night would slow down the metabolism. What’s more, when you are wake up for longer, it is highly likely to make you feel hungry. Therefore, do not skip or cut down on your sleeping time, and you will be rewarded with several pounds loss quickly.

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