How To Keep Your Mind & Body Healthy Even When You’re Too Busy

Deadlines, rush hours, paper works, and projects – these are just some of the words that make us instantly feel tired and exhausted. One of the serious dilemmas that we are facing right now is the idea of being busy. We are just too preoccupied with what’s going on with our lives right now (career, family, social life, love life, etc.) that we tend to forget to relax – to tone down a bit and chill.

But no matter how busy we are, it’s also important to rest and ensure that both our mind and body are in perfect state. Here are three crucial things that you need to do to keep your mind and body healthy:


You can always find a way do exercise routines even if you don’t have the luxury of time to hit the gym and workout. Notice that there are already plenty of apps that you can download in your phone promoting 5-minute or 15-minute workout routines. And not just that, there are also a lot more of things that you can do to keep yourself fit. Let’s take for example – instead of taking a cab for work, consider walking or riding a bike (especially your workplace is just a few blocks away). Instead of using the elevator, how about taking the stairs?

See? There’s no excuse for skipping exercises!


A lot of us prefer using our remaining energy after work hitting the bar or partying all night. And while it’s nice to have fun while we’re still young, let’s make sure that we aren’t depriving our body of sleep. See to it that by 10 PM we are all set for bed. Our body needs 8 hours of sleep to be able to rejuvenate and cope up from whatever we did during the daytime. Dozing early helps our brain relax – so let’s not take sleeping for granted.


It doesn’t even have to be a book or a novel and yes, it doesn’t have to be a 600-pages book. Reading short stories or even news clippings can help improve our vocabulary and keep our mind sharp and focused. It also keeps our imagination active and our perception of things on point.

Read stories during your lunchtime or even before retiring to bed. It doesn’t really require a lot of time.

Stay healthy! Take care of your body!


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