How body gains weight?

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How body gains weight?

The main contributor to body weight gain is Carbohydrates, the main food component received by the human body from foods prepared from wheat and other cereals, for example, the bread, which is essential part of food in North America, Europe, Middle East and South Asia. The other sources of carbohydrate are potatoes, sweet potatoes etc.

In order to understand the main cause of weight gain, or alternatively obesity, we will discuss the mechanism in our body to digest and ingest food intake.

Carbohydrates are essential element of food that provides use energy to perform day to day tasks and movements. The body converts carbohydrates to Glucose after digestion that is directly absorbed into the blood. Now the actual mechanism starts to turn this glucose into energy.

The glucose in blood has to be transported to cells where it is converted into energy. This transportation is carried out by Insulin, a powerful hormone secreted by Pancreas. The insulin attaches itself to glucose molecules and transports them to body cells where a chemical reaction called oxidation takes place resulting in production of heat energy that is subsequently utilized by human body to sustain itself and to perform work.

But as you know, every process has its own limitations. Now if the quantity glucose ingested into blood is in excess to what is required by the cells at that time, it cannot be burnt immediately and this excess glucose is then transported back to liver where it is converted to glycogen and   again distributed to body where it is stored in muscle tissues. Some of the glycogen is also stored in the liver. Next, when you need more energy, this glycogen is re-transported to liver and cells to get burned and converted to energy. But since the intake of carbohydrate is unending process, the glycogen produced in this process also exceeds the storage capacity of muscles and other organs.

Once your body runs out storage capacity for glycogen, another recycle begins. The access glycogen is again circulated to body and ultimately to liver where another conversion process takes place, i.e. conversion of glycogen into Triglycerides, in other words, the FAT. This fat is distributed to body. The human body has unlimited capacity to store fat and it is stored in belly, thighs, hips, arms and anywhere it can inside human body. This is how weight gain process begins and continues if not controlled adequately by conscious effort.

Another contributor to weight gain is Syndrome-X, which is also related to insulin. Syndrome-X is also called Insulin Resistance and leads to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Insulin Resistance is also second major contributor to weight gain by fat accumulation not only on body but also in the blood in form of cholesterol. The causes of Syndrome-X are aging process, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, excessive stress lasting for longer periods etc.

Another byproduct of syndrome-X is desire to eat constantly or constantly craving for food. While body is unable to utilize glucose produced from carbohydrate to produce energy, it will desire more carbohydrate to convert it to glucose in order to fulfill need for energy, but since the mechanism itself is faulty, i.e. the glucose that is meant for conversion to energy is being converted to fat, intake of carbohydrate will only be a temporary fix for a few hours.

To cure this, the cause, i.e. insulin resistance is to be treated.

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